Battlegrounds Mobile India: A New Version Of PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a new Indian version of PUBG(Player Unknown Battle Ground). Its pre-registration is started on 18 May 2021 on the Google play store. This Indian version of PUBG will follow the same-to-play Royale Battle Formula. Battlegrounds Mobile India is developed by a South Korean game developing company Krafton.

Krafton revealed that they have come with India-specific rewards which can be claimed only who has the pre-registration on Google Play Store. These rewards will be claimed after the launch of the new mobile PUBG.

Ever since PUBG was banned in India with 117 other applications in September 2020, Kraftan has started over the game to bring it back to India. Finally it’s back with some specific changes.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

Battleground Mobile India

The released date of the game is yet not officially released by Krafton. But some industry sources suggest the released date to be 18 June 2021. In the support section of the official website, Krafton revealed that they are still in the process to finalize the launch date. Some reports also suggest the launch date be 10 June 2021 as Krafton allegedly planning a reveal during the Solar eclipse.

To get notification of launch and every thing from official site, first you have to pre-register. One can choose to automatic install option, so that when the game will launch it will get installed on your mobile on its own.

Right now Battlegrounds Mobile India is only for Android’s, reportedly they are still working on the iOS version of the game. Whatever be the release date, there is huge excitement for the Battlegrounds Mobile India all over the country as PUBG became so popular before it got banned.

PUBG v/s Battlegrounds Mobile India


Differences in Battlegrounds Mobile India From PUBG

This new mobile version of PUBG have some new changes but some concept are same the old banned version PUBG mobile India. Modification includes that this time color of blood is green except of red, may be to decrease the impact of violence that the game creates.

Availability Of Game

As we all new PUBG is available all over across the globe except for some specific selection and the Battleground is only exclusive for India. The Pre-registration can be done from the play store if the link has already activated in your area.

India Specific Outfits

Some Indian-specific outfits could be released with a new mobile version. Unlike PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature less nudity which means the fully dressed characters will appear from the beginning. Some specific rewards will be given like Recon outfits, Recon Mask.

Exclusive Content

In early May 2021, when the game is officially announced, Krafton also revealed that this new version will include league and tournaments. It also includes in-game India exclusive events. Whereas PUBG events and tournaments are organized globally.

In-game Purchase and Age Limitations

Krafton has also announced that if the registered player is under the age of 18, he/she have to consent of their parents or guardian by giving their phone numbers. Also there is a time limit for teens that is they cannot play more than 3hours a day.

Unlike PUBG, this time developers has set a limit for in-game purchase that is 7000 INR, which is a very good decision of Krafton. We all knew many cases come from all over the world, that children are misusing their parent’s accounts to buy accessories to make good profiles.

Updated Privacy Policy

The problem with PUBG that government specially has was the safety and privacy concern. So this time with Battleground Mobile India Krafton have especially priotise the privacy concern. For this they have partnered with Azure to store the Battlegrounds data.

This new policy stated that if the parents or guardians thought the data that their child share with the platform is personal and without their consent so they can contact and request developers to delete it.

Similarities Between PUBG And Battlegrounds Mobile India

As Everyone knows Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a flip version of PUBG mobile so they have lots of similarities like graphics and all. Developers also revealed that it has the same concept as of PUBG.

Mechanics And Gameplay

The basic play is same as PUBG. In Battleground also 100 players will enter in a match and after landing they have to collect gun, medical kit, fuel, vehicles, knife, grenades etc for their survival and save zone is eventually starts decreasing. You have to kill others players and the players who will survive till the end will win the game.

Also you have options to play in solo, Duo and squad mode same as the old version. It will also have that daily task, Zombie mode, Team Death match and training center.


According sources, Krafton have announced that they will come up Sanhok maps similar as the old one. Though this time it may not be called Sanhok. We can except new maps to come on their way to the game.

How To Pre-Register For Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Although we don’t have official data of total number of pre-registration done till date but the official trailer of Battlegrounds have crossed 10 Millions view. From this data, we can assume that how huge the number of pre-registration would have done yet.

The pre-registering of BGMI is quite easy. All you have to do is-

  1. Go to Google Playstore and do search for Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  2. Then click on the button of ‘Pre-register’. That’s all!

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