Clash Of Clans: Create Your Own Realms

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile video game published and developed by Finnish Game Developing company Supercell. The founder and CEO of Supercell, Ilkka Paananen, wants to develop a game that has a longer self-life than a few weeks. This was the core idea of the company when it was started in 2010.

Making Of Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans village

Supercell first launched clash of clans on the iOS platform in August 2012, and they released on Android in October 2013. Lassi Lepinnen and Lasse Louhento were the first to bring the original concept of Clash Of Clans with an aim to make a game that is easy to play on mobile.

It took six months for Supercell to bring the original concept to the iOS platform. Three months after the launch of the game, it became the highest-grossing game in the United States, and in 2013, it became the most profitable game worldwide.

Clash Of Clans is one of few games to surpass 1$ Billion revenue in a year and also it became one of few mobile games to cross 500 million downloads on iOS and Andriod. Supercell keeps on updating the game to make it more interesting and to indulge more and more players. All these achievements were made by Supercell without the team size of very popular studios but with less than 1000 employees.

Once Louhento Said to PocketGamer, “Updates are a very important part of our Strategy. We want to make the games that players can enjoy for a long time, and that keep on rewarding players for the time they have invested”.

Gameplay Of Clash Of Clans

clash of clans fight

The game is a set of a fantasy-themed persistent world, where the player is the head of a village. Players have to build their own village using the resources gained from attacking other player’s village or producing them at own village.

It is an online multiplayer game where players form communities called clans/ train troops who attack another player village to collect resources. Before attack players have to train different kinds of troops using resources. There are six different types of resources available in the game.

Gold and remedy can be utilized to assemble and overhaul safeguards and traps that shield the player’s town from other players’ assaults and to fabricate and redesign structures. Solution and dim remedy are likewise used to prepare and update troops and spells. Diamonds are the premium currency. Attacks are evaluated on a three-star scale and have a most extreme coordinated length of three minutes.

The game additionally includes a pseudo-single-player crusade in which the player can assault a progression of strengthened troll villages and acquire gold, remedy (and dull mixture in more elevated levels).

To play out an overhaul, a free manufacturer is required. The game beginnings with two developers, yet the player can have up to five manufacturers by getting them with gems and surprisingly a 6th by getting and opening the OTTO Hut in Builder Base 9.

Resource Buildings Of Clash Of Clans

Clash of clan resources

Resources include elixir, dark elixir, gold, gems, builder gold, and builder Elixir. These resources have buildings that are used for storing and generating them, except for gems that have no storage building.


Elixirs are used to upgrade and purchase of Army buildings, troops, Dark elixir storage, Dark Elixir drills, gold mines, and gold storage. It is also used for decorations. Elixirs can be collected from Elixir Collectors and can be stored in Elixir’s storage. The number of Elixir is displayed on the right side of the screen below the gold.


Gold is used to build and upgrades defensive buildings, traps, elixir storages, elixir collectors and walls. Also used to decorate national flag. Gold can be collected by digging up the gold mines. After collection it can be stored in Gold storages.


This resource can be collected by dug up Gem Mines. Gems can be used to purchase all other resources and Builder’s Hut. They can be also used to speed up gold/elixir collection and to finish troop training. It is good to hold more and more gems for builder’s hut, because apparently more builders leads to increase the speed of upgrading the village.

Gems are primarily gained from in-app purchase, there are also some few other ways to collect gems. But these ways are little bit slower compare to in-app purchase. By clearing trees and rocks you can collect few gems. Competing tasks also reward some gems. Also the top players from top three clans of weekly tournament also get some gems as reward. Sometime, Supercell organize competition on their Facebook pages where they also give gems as prize.

Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir is used to upgrade and purchase hero class troops aside from Grand Warden and for the training of Dark Elixir troops. The amount of Dark Elixir is shown on the top right side of the screen below the Elixir. This can be collected by Dark Elixir Drills and can be stored in your Dark Elixir Storage.

Defensive BuildingsCannon, Archer Tower, Mortar, Air Defense, Wizard Tower, Air Sweeper, Hidden Tesla, Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery, Scattershot, Builder’s Hut, Giga Tesla, Giga Inferno, Walls.
Traps– Spring Trap, Bombs, Giant Bomb, Air Bomb, Seeking Air Mine, Skeleton Trap, Tornado Trap
Army BuildingsBarracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps, Laboratory, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Workshop, Barbian King Altar, Archer Queen Altar, Grand Warden Altar, Royal Champion Altar, Pet House
Resource BuildingsTown Hall (Magic Items), Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, Dark Elixir Drill, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Clan Castle(Treasury), Dark Elixir Storage.
Other BuildingsBoat, Decorations, Obstacles, Loot Cart, Strongman’s Caravan, Super Sauna, Builder Hut, Master builder’s Hut

Statistics Of Clash Of Clans


Launch date2 August 2012
HQHelsinki, Finland
PeopleIlkka Paananen (CEO)
Business typeSubsidiary
IndustryMobile games

Active Users

201429 million
201537 million
201655 million

Note: Supercell has not disclosed user figures since 2016 when it announced 100 million users on all four games 

Sources: Recode, Supercell 


2014$1.6 billion
2015$1.8 billion
2016$1.1 billion
2017$0.7 billion
2018$0.5 billion
2019$0.7 billion

Source: Sensor Tower

Countries in which Clash Of Clans is most popular(%)

YearPercentage of active daily participation
United States18.92

Source: player counter

Supercell Funding

2010$0.85 million
2011$12.8 million
2013$148 million

Source: Crunchbase

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