Minecraft – Best Block Based Game Developed By Mojang

Minecraft is a block based game developed by Mojang, originally created by Marccus “Notch” Persson in java programming language. Minecraft gives you a platform to create your own blocky world where you can earn rewards by mining the landscapes. This games was released in 2009 as a paid public alpha for personal computers, later on released in 2011.

Different Modes Of Minecraft

Minecraft has no story, no dramatic cutscenes, no character, no particular genres instead its features two core game modes called ‘survival’ and ‘creative’. There are many other modes are also available. All modes allow multiplayer.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is where the player builds structures, must collect resources while surviving in their own generated world. There is a limited resource available in this mode, so you must have to work for everything. You can also interact with local villagers but at night time defend by attacking mobs. Activities over time chip away at your health and hunger bar.

Creative Mode

Creative mode is a open-world sandbox mode where you have all the resources available at item selection tab. Here you are also able to destroy those indestructible blocks. Items don’t lose durability and didn’t disappear.

This mode allows you to use command and structure blocks. In creative mode you freedom to put your imaginations without any limits, that’s why it is one of the most liked mode. There are many blocks that did not appear in creative mode but by using the command /give and command/setblock one can use those blocks also.

Hardcore Mode

This mode is only available in Java format. The gameplay here is same as survival mode with level up difficulties. It’s ultimate survival mode, with only one life to play with. Here player will need mindful of hunger, health, experience and mobs too.

Here are some points that one should keep in mind before playing this mode-

  1. If the food level is below three, you will not be able to run fast. Lack of food can cause loss of health, so eat to survive. The health can be recovered, when food is full.
  2. To keep health, one some take care that your character should not get hit many times or fall in lava or stay inside water for too long else you will die.
  3. For experience, defeat bad guys/mobs as many you can and use it for enchant equipment.

Adventure Mode

Just like Hardcore mode this is also for Java Minecraft edition. Adventure mode leads the player through a particular story. Here players can’t able to destroy blocks easily they need tools and also not able to fly.

Some tips that might helps you-

  1. Pick axes that can break stones, sandstones and iron doors.
  2. You require health bar, experience bar and hunger bar, to kill attacking mobs.
  3. To destroy a block use an item with the Candestroy tag.
  4. Blocks can be placed by using CanplaceOn tag.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is also available only in Java Edition. In this mode players are only allowed to fly through solid blocks and observed the world without interacting with anything in the game. This mode did not allows you to fight or kill mobs and also player did not require any health bar, hunger bar and experience bar.

Player in spectator mode are not visible to other players in survival or creative mode but can visible to other spectators.

Platforms That Supports Minecraft

At first minecraft is developed for high-end gaming PC but it also performs very well on desktop computers. Minecraft for mobile, MIcrosoft Windows 10, Xbox is also available.

NameDevicePrice in USDStorePurchasableNotes
Minecraft: Java EditionWindows, Mac, Linux$26.95Minecraft.netYesNo cross-platform play with Bedrock
Minecraft for Windows 10(Bedrock Edition)Windows 10, VR Headsets$29.99Microsoft Store on Windows 10YesCross-platform play with all other Bedrock Editions
Minecraft for Mobile Devices (Bedrock Edition)Apple, Android, Amazon phones and tablets$6.99Apple, Android, Amazon app storesYesCross-platform play with all other Bedrock Editions
Minecraft for Xbox (Bedrock Edition)Xbox One,Xbox One X|S,Xbox Series X|S$19.99Xbox Store & Microsoft StoreYesCross-platform play with all other Bedrock Editions
Minecraft for Nintendo Switch (Bedrock Edition)Nintendo Switch$29.99Nintendo eShop and retail storesYesPrice includes the Super Mario Mash-up pack. Cross-platform play with all other Bedrock Editions.
Minecraft for PlayStation (Bedrock Edition)PlayStation 4PlayStation 5$19.99PlayStation StoreYesCross-platform play with all other Bedrock Editions
Minecraft: Xbox One EditionXbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X$19.99Xbox StoreNoThis edition of Minecraft has partly been replaced by the Bedrock Edition and is no longer updated
Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionXbox 360$19.99Xbox StoreNoNo longer being updated since the Aquatic Update
Minecraft: PS4 EditionPlayStation 4$19.99PlayStation Store and retail storesNoThis edition of Minecraft has partly been replaced by the Bedrock Edition and is no longer updated
Minecraft: PS3 EditionPlayStation 3$19.99PlayStation Store and retail storesNoNo longer being updated
Minecraft: PlayStation Vita EditionPlayStation Vita$19.99PlayStation Store and retail storesNoNo longer being updated
Minecraft: Wii U EditionNintendo Wii U$29.99Nintendo eShopYesSupport for off-screen play.
Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS EditionNew Nintendo 3DS$29.99Nintendo eShopNo 
Minecraft: China VersionWindows, Android and Apple devicesFreemc.163.comN/AOnly available in China
Minecraft Education EditionMac and Windows 10 PCs Education.minecraft.netYesDesigned for teaching
Minecraft: PI EditionRaspberry PIFreePi.minecraft.netN/ADesigned for teaching and tinkering

Multiplayer Version Of Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to play with multiple players across worldwide. To play in multiplayer mode minecraft provides four options-

  1. LAN( Local Area Network)
  2. Online Server
  3. Minecraft Realms
  4. Split Screen

One should remember before playing multiplayer version that the player’s game version must be same as the server version to playa on that version.

Servers Java EditionXbox/ Windows 10/ Mobile devices
(Local Area Network)
Choose a host computer, to play with other in your network. Your host computer should be fast enough to play minecraft while providing server to other player also.
Start the game, create a new world or an existing one, now choose the which mode you want to play. Survival mode is default Minecraft mode.
Once you set the options, click start LAN world. Then you will get a message that your local game has been hosted
Same as Java edition first select a host devices and then create a world, make sure every one is running in same server.
Online ServerPlaying on an online server required to locate and connect IP address of multiplayer server.
Either you can download the server file needed to setup or can join others server.
On this platform Minecraft offers three server- Mineplex, InPvP and Lifeboat.
One can join any of the three servers from server tab.
Minecraft RealmsIt’s setup is quick through game client. It allows you and upto ten players to join.
Split-screenIt’s Java edition is not available.This server is console exclusive. Spilt-screen allows upto four players at the same time, on the same screen.

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