Roblox: A Game Full Of Many Worlds

Roblox is a massive-multiplayer online platform, developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows users to host and play millions of games developed by them and others. In 2004, Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel, and later in September 2006, this game is officially launched.

This game enables anyone to create, imagine and have fun with their friends with an interactive 3D experiences produced by different developers using multiple design tools or with Roblox studio. Developers create game in genre coded in programming language Lua.

In initial days, due to lack of press coverage, advertisement and at the same time large numbers of platforms are releasing, Roblox was kind of lost among crowd. Nevertheless, some about second half of 2010, it starts growing rapidly. During the covid pandemic, active users on this platform made a big jump which seems like from 35 million to 150 million within about three months.

Virtual Currency: Robux


Although Roblox is a free game, it also provides a virtual currency called “Robux”. With this users can buy virtual items like clothes, gears, body parts, accessories, etc to decorate their virtual avatar or characters. Having lots of Robux means you can afford to play games with no limitations.

In 2013, Roblox made a critical change which allows creator to exchange their virtual currency ‘Robux’ to real word currency.

Players having the premium membership can only sell products like clothes. There are many developers and designers who works full-time to design all these items and made a good amount of money out of it.

In 2016, they also launched a new currency, “Tix” but it did not workout. So, that was discontinued in April that year. To earns free Robux there are several websites available which provides codes. These codes will help you to earn powers and robux. But there are several scams reported related to Robux, largely revolving around automated messages promoting scam websites which appears to giveout free Robux or invalid Robux codes.

Roblox Studio

Roblox studio

Roblox Studio is a building tool of Roblox that helps you to create the world of your dreams. And release it with just one click and serve it to millions of people to enjoy it. Your game is available for devices like mobile, tablets, consoles and virtual reality devices.

This studio features are accessible to a variety of skill levels ranging from a beginner to an experienced programmers. It provides our developers with more intricate sets of tools, which permits them to better sense of control and creative expression. Roblox Studio also allows you to test your game in an isolated environment before uploading it to the website.

Steps to open Roblox Studio

  1. Go to your homescreen.
  2. Click the start menu and click all the programs.
  3. Click Roblox and then Roblox Studio, Boom you got it!

Most popular games of Roblox

Roblox games is one of the most popular video games, offering tonnes of virtual worlds for players to explore. Most of the audience of Roblox are children’s of age under 16. There are more than 40 million user made maps or games, to choose from.

The easiest way is to find Roblox’s most popular games and stick to them. Here are some of the most played Roblox games in past years-

World NamePlays
Adopt Me!20.5 billion
Tower of Hell10.3 billion
MeepCity9.3 billion
Piggy7.8 billion
Royale High5.6 billion
Jailbreak4.8 billion
Murder Mystery 24.4 billion
Welcome to Bloxburg4.1 billion
Brookhaven4 billion
Work at a Pizza Place3 billion

Adopt Me!

This game requires you to select a role of either parent or baby. On the basis of role, player will be assign a particular color in the chat area. Red color is for parent and blue color is for baby.

If player login to the game between every 15 hours, they will receive a login bonus which is also called Daily Reward. To receive a gift and 12-20 stars, the played have to log in continuously for five days to make their streak. And every 30 day they receive a special reward a ‘Cracked Egg’.

Collecting star is a important aspect of daily logging. After collecting certain amount of star, player can claim the reward. These reward may include toys, vehicles, pets and most importantly a Golden egg at 660 stars.

How to play:

To play you either have to take care of yourself as a baby or by taking care of babies and pets as a parents. You will some receive tasks to complete, which will appear on the top of the screen. Going to school can help players to complete major task because there are beds, foods for both pet and babies and water for babies. Being a baby and managing pets will double the amount players can earn.


Hungry: Food can be bought from the farm shop or Hotdog stand. Players can collect apples and marshmallow from the teachers table as much they can. And you can also use those apple and marshmallow to feed pet and babies on the go. Pet should be fed on pet feeder’s either at school or at player’s school.

Dirty: This task can be completed by buying and interacting with shower or bathtub at player’s house.

Sleepy: Players can sleep at school, player’s house, sleeping bag or campsite but pet and babies will sleep in crib and pet beds.

Thirsty: Players need to purchase something to drink whereas pet can drink from Nursery’s Pet water fountain in the pets area for free. Remember pets can only drink from pet feeders.

Roblox Overview

Launch date1 September 2006
HQSan Mateo, California
PeopleDavid Baszucki (co-founder, CEO), Erik Cassel (co-founder)
Business typePublic
IndustryVideo gaming

Roblox revenue

2017$45 million
2018$335 million
2019$435 million
2020$920 million

Roblox quarterly user spending

YearUser spending 
Q4 2018$91 million
Q1 2019$109 million
Q2 2019$118 million
Q3 2019$143 million
Q4 2019$174 million
Q1 2020$188 million
Q2 2020$319 million
Q3 2020$308 million

Roblox user

201735 million
201880 million
2019100 million
2020150 million

Roblox daily active users

201810.9 million
201917.1 million
202033.4 million

Roblox valuation

2017$1.1 billion
2018$2.5 billion
2020$4 billion
2021$38 billion

Roblox developer pay out

YearDeveloper Payout
2017$30 million
2018$70 million
2019$100 million
2020$250 million

Note: This is paid out to the millions of developers who create worlds and items on Roblox. All values are estimates made by Roblox prior to the end of the financial year. 

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